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Community Service Activities

Bill Anderson was a presenter on "Simulating the NCAR Mass Storage System to Improve Performance," to the June 29-30, 2004, THIC (Tape Head Interface Committee) meeting held at NCAR.

Tom Bettge served as the Principal Investigator for the Cybersecurity Summit 2004, sponsored by NSF, held in Arlington, VA. Over 70 facilities were represented at this Summit. In October, Tom participated in the IBM/Forbes Executive Forum in San Diego. He attended the International Conference for High Performance Computing and Communications, SC2003, in Phoenix in November. He is an active member of the National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure, and attended meetings in Urbana, Illinois, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Washington DC. Bettge visited the new computing center at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee in March. He also visited the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) in May to gain a better appreciation of potential areas of overlap in their general approach to the integration of supercomputing services. He attended the 4th Linux Cluster Institute in Austin, Texas in May. He participated in the Ninth Annual CCSM Workshop in Sante Fe, New Mexico in July. Also in July, he attended the Council on Competitiveness HPC Conference in Washington DC. Tom is a member of the CSL Advisory Panel which also gathered in Washington DC in July. Tom is very active in all security activities, attending the 13th Usenix Security Symposium held in San Diego, California in August 2004. He also represents NCAR/SCD on the Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation (CASC), which meets three times each year.

Brian Bevirt served as a science writing mentor in the 2004 SOARS program.

Kirsten Butcher served as research advisor for University of Colorado (CU) students enrolled in "Technology and Cognition Series: HCI Models, Theories, and Frameworks" (a class sponsored by CU's Institute of Cognitive Science, cross listed in the Computer Science, Education, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Psychology departments). Butcher reviewed an initial draft of SCD's Strategic Plan (SP) as part of the SCD SP Review Committee.

Fred Clare reviewed book selections for the NCAR Library.

John Clyne served as a panel reviewer for the DOE's Early Career Principal Investigator (ECPI) awards, reviewing nine funding proposals. Clyne reviewed three research papers for IEEE Vis04. Clyne reviewed "medium sized" ITR funding proposal for NSF.

Susan Cross served as a community mentor in the 2004 SOARS program. Cross participated in the seminar, Coaching Skills for Mentors in January 2004, in preparation for the upcoming SOARS Program.

Cecelia DeLuca (CSS) is serving a third term as Co-Chair of the CCSM Software Engineering Group. She also participated in the NCAR/UCAR workshop on Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT), November 18, 2003, and, along with Natasha Flyer (CSS), she co-moderated the NCAR SCD Town Meeting on the SWOT activity on August 18, 2004. Cecelia presented the "Report on the NCAR SCD Response to the SWOT Initiative to UMC," September 16, 2004. She is a member of the NCAR Committee on Software Engineering (SECOMM).

Tom Engel served as a science research mentor in the 2004 SOARS program.

Natasha Flyer served on the Committee for the Formation of the Institute of Mathematics Applied to Geosciences (IMAGe), headed by A. Pouquet and L. Winter. She is a representative member for SCD on the Steering Committee of the Early Career Scientist Assembly and a referee for the journal Computers and Mathematics with Applications. Natasha Flyer is a referee for the Journal of Computational Physics. Flyer was advisor to Paule Ecimovic at the Department of Earth and Space Sciences, York University, Toronto, Canada, for his Ph.D dissertation on Pseudospectral Modeling. Flyer is a member of the Thesis Committee for Julia Zuev, Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado-Boulder. Flyer participated in the following: a half-day meeting with the NCAR Advisory Board and 19 other Scientist Is to discuss the Present and Future Environment for the Development of Young Scientific Careers at NCAR; a group discussion luncheon with Dr. Len Fisk, Head of the National Space Science Board, and three other Scientist Is and IIs in HAO, during Dr. Fisk's visit to HAO; a panel discussion luncheon with Dr. Argen Bement, Director of NSF, and eight other Scientist Is, on the "Future of Science at NCAR;" and a full-day NCAR/UCAR retreat on the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) facing the organization, on November 18, 2003.

George Fuentes is the NCAR voting member of IBM's SP-XXL Group. The SP-XXL group is comprised of IBM SP installations that are 128 nodes and greater. The SP-XXL group meets three times a year and provides technical input to IBM on new functionality that should be added to the AIX and PSSP operating system product toolset.

Pam Gillman is the System Administration working group chair for the IBM SP-XXL Group.

Gene Harano was on the Program Committee for the 12th NASA Goddard / 21st IEEE Conference on Mass Storage Systems and Technologies. The conference was held in College Park, Maryland, on April 12-16, 2004. Harano was the Session Chairman of the June 29-30, 2004, THIC (Tape Head Interface Committee) meeting held at NCAR. Tim Scheitlin, Darin Oman, and Susan Cross (all VETS) provided a VisLab demo, Bill Anderson presented the NCAR Mass Storage System, Stan McLaughlin arranged power drops, and BJ Heller managed logistics. Gene Harano is a member of the Program Committee for the 13th NASA Goddard / 22nd IEEE Conference on Mass Storage Systems and Technologies, which is scheduled for April 2005, in College Park, Maryland. Harano is a member of the StorageTek Strategic Advisory Council, which provides feedback on corporate planning, and is also a member of the StorageTek Large Tape Users Group (LTUG). Harano, along with BJ Heller, the Mass Storage Systems Group, and Tim Scheitlin of VETS, hosted the StorageTek Japan and Korean User Groups in October 2003.

Al Kellie participated in several IBM/Forbes Executive Forums through the year. Mr. Kellie was an invited expert in information technology and attended the World Meteorological Organization/Commission for Basic Systems/Information Systems and Services/Interprogramme Task Team on the Future WMO Information System in Kuala Lumpur in October. Mr. Kellie made presentations on U.S. technology projects (ESG/CDP) that are relevant for potential application to the WMO. Mr. Kellie attended the International Conference for High Performance Computing and Communications (SC03) in November, which was held in Phoenix, Arizona. He joined the 2003 AGU Fall meeting in December in San Francisco. Mr. Kellie joined Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for the SPXXL Winter Workshop at the Maui High Performance Computing Center in January. He traveled to Seattle to attend the 2nd Users Conference/NOAA Stakeholders Forum during the 84th AMS Annual Meeting in January. Mr. Kellie was in Berlin for the Global Grid Forum10 Workshop in March. He is a member of UNICORE, and while in Germany attended the 11th General Meeting. Mr. Kellie joined Dr. Tim Killeen on a trip to San Diego to visit the San Diego Supercomputing Center in March. Mr. Kellie accepted an invitation to speak in April at The National Academies Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (BASC) in Washington DC. He is a member of the AGU Joint Assembly in Montreal, Canada and attended the annual meeting in May. He attended the MSC Symposium in Toronto, Canada in June. In June he traveled to Heidelberg, Germany for the International Supercomputer Conference ISC2004. Mr. Kellie was invited to participate in the 35th COSPAR (Committee on Space Research) Scientific Assembly and Associated Events in July, held in Paris, France. Mr. Kellie attended the CSL Advisory Panel meeting in Washington, DC in July. Mr. Kellie is on the External Advisory Board for IBM and attended the Deep Computing Executive Symposium 2004 in Zurich, Switzerland in September.

Jeff Kuehn served as a Co-chair for Technical Papers Committee at SC2004.

Linda LaBrie is a four-year board member and advisor for Boulder County's Vo-Tec high school education program. Some students enrolled in the program are considered high risk, and part of a board member's role is to inspire and encourage. In 2004 LaBrie mentored one young woman and assisted her with many options, ideas and opportunities in the field of science, with emphasis on opportunities for young women. The board resumes again in October 2004. LaBrie is a member of Boulder county's community support program which assists and mentors needy families currently in the TANIF (temporary aid needed in families). Mentors present various options and opportunities for client(s), helping to place them in various training programs to attain job skills, maybe find appropriate affordable housing, but most importantly to help them attain complete independence from welfare assistance programs. Guidance, encouragement, and letting the clients know that 'somebody does care' can make a huge difference in their lives.

Richard Loft served as a technical contributor and reviewer of the NRC report, "Getting Up to Speed: the Future of Supercomputing." He is also serving on the Technical Working Group of NSF's Petascale Computing Initiative.

The MSS Group provides administrative support for three Linux nodes providing DataSpace service in support of the National Center for Data Mining (NCDM) of the University of Illinois at Champaign. The MSS Group participated in a series of presentations and machine room tours in October 2003 for two groups of visitors from Japan and Korea that were sponsored by StorageTek. This has become an annual event, and has been well received by all of the attendees.

Don Middleton completed his service on the National Research Council, Committee to Develop a Long-Term Research Agenda for the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES). Middleton served on the Organizing Committee for the IEEE Vis 2004 conference and co-chaired the The Visualization Challenge. Middleton served on the Steering Committee for the Development of the Next-Generation DOE National Collaboratories Program. Middleton authored a letter of support for Dr. David Ebert's (Purdue University) proposal on Multifield Visualization for Atmospheric Research. Middleton authored a letter of support for Bill Kramer's DOE Science Grid SciDAC renewal proposal. Middleton authored an overall NCAR letter of support for the LEAD proposal (Kelvin Drogenmeir, PI), including persectives from WRF, the director's office, and ESG/VETS; Killeen signed. Middleton authored a letter of support for Arie Shoshanie's (LBNL) Storage Resource Management SciDAC Renewal Proposal. Middleton authored a letter of support for Rick Stevens' (Director, ANL/MCS) AccessGrid Renewal Proposal.

R.D. Nair reviewed manuscripts for the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society and Monthly Weather Review. Nair served as a reviewer for the NCAR Opportunity Fund FY2004 proposals and the ASP post-doctoral program.

Alan Norton reviewed a paper for the Springer Journal entitled "Engineering with Computers."

Darin Oman provided consulting services regarding Access Grid technology for Mike Celaya from Colorado State University.

Mike Page served as a science writing mentor in the 2004 SOARS program.

Stan McLaughlin is a member of the MERT (Medical Emergency Response Team) at NCAR.

Leonard Sitongia gives Geology programs based from the Mesa Lab site to school kids.

Lana Stillwell is a member of the MERT (Medical Emergency Response Team) at NCAR. Stillwell also reviews book selections for the NCAR library.

Amik St-Cyr refereed papers for Applied Numerical Mathematics and ACM Transaction on Mathematical Software.

Markus Stobbs gave a presentation to NOAA Web developers on Web Usability Design and Testing.

Stephen Thomas is a member of the NCAR Geophysical Turbulence Program (2000-Present); the NCAR Re-Organization Committee for IMAGe (math institute); the NCAR Scientist I Appointments Review Committee (2003-2004); the NCAR ASP Post-Doc Appointments Review Committee (1999-Present); the NCAR Scientist Assembly (NSA) Executive Committee; and the Scientific Advisory Committee, Canadian HPC Association ( Thomas is a reviewer for the National Science Foundation, Mathematics Directorate (2003-present) and for the Canadian Foundation for Climate Change Research (2001-Present). Thomas organized and hosted the SCD seminar series. He is an Associate Editor for Monthly Weather Review (2003-present); Co-Editor for the Journal of Computational Physics' special issue on multi-scale modeling; and a Reviewer for Monthly Weather Review (15 papers) and theJournal of Computational Physics (5 papers). Thomas is a member of John Dennis' Ph.D committee, Department of Computer Science, CU Boulder.

Henry Tufo is serving as Advisor to Matthew Woitaszek and Theron Voran. Both are Ph.D. candidates in Computer Science (CU). Henry is also serving as Advisor to Michael Oberg, a B.S. candidate in Computer Science (CU). Tufo is a member of these committees:
Ernesto Prudencio's Thesis Committee, Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science (CU);
John Dennis' Thesis Committee, Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science (CU);
Hassa Alsukhni's Thesis Committee, Ph.D. candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering (CU); and
Micah Hamady's Thesis Committee, M.S. candidate in Computer Science (CU). Tufo taught CSCI 4576/5576, "High-Performance Scientific Computing," 2004 Spring Semester at CU. Tufo served on the Program committee for the 6th LCI International Conference on Linux Clusters: The HPC Revolution. Tufo is a member of NCAR's Geophysical Turbulence Program, the SCD Linux Cluster Procurement Committee, the Colorado Center for Information Storage (CCIS), and the Affiliated Faculty, Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado at Boulder. He also serves as a reviewer for the NCAR ASP program, the SIAM Review, AIAA Journal, the Journal of Computational Physics, and the Sixth IEEE Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Systems and SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing.

Nathan Wilhelmi participates in the Boulder Design Patterns User Group.

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