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Community Service

Communicating Science to the Public
Panels & Committees


Staff Name and your role Name of Publication
Jennifer Boehnert, Associate Editor The Aral Seas
Barb Brown, Associate Editor Weather and Forecasting
Eric Gilleland, Reviewer Atmospheric Environment
Andrea Hahmann, Manuscript Reviewer Journal of Climate
Andrea Hahmann, Proposal Reviewer NOAA Atlantic Program
Andrea Hahmann, Proposal Reviewer National Science Foundation
Marcia Politovich, Editor, In situ measurements Journal of Oceanic & Atmospheric Technology


Communicating NCAR science to the public

Staff Name Description Date
Jennifer Boehnert Hosting the Atmospheric Special Interest Group - Developing a Data Model Website Ongoing
Jennifer Boehnert RAL GIS Booth at the Intl. ESRI Users Conference 8 Aug 2004
Dan Breed Science Fair Judge (and mentor) for Casey Middle School 27 Jan 2004
Andrew Crook Worked at the NCAR Science booth at the Boulder Creek Festival 29 May 2004
Tressa Fowler Worked RAP booth at NBAA October 2003
Tressa Fowler Judge for Kohl Elementary Science Fair 26 Jan 2004
David Gochis RAL Booth attendee at 2004 Annual AMS Meeting (Seattle, WA) January 2004
Tara Jensen Science Fair Judge for Boulder Country Day School 8 Feb 2004
Jason Knievel Science Fair Judge for Eisenhower Elementary School 7 Feb 2004
Bill Mahoney Winter Snow Fighting Operations Education - Coordinator for 1st City of Louisville Schools Snow Plow Painting Art Program Sept 2003
Carol Park Worked at the NCAR Science booth at the Boulder Creek Festival 29 May 2004
John Williams Staffed NCAR/RAP booth at the 84th AMS Annual Meeting 13 Jan 2004
Mei Xu Communicating NCAR aviation weather products at Air Traffic Control Exhibition (Beijing, China) 22-24 Sept 2004

Panels and Committees

Staff Name Name of Panel or Committee Description
Jennifer Boehnert GIs Initiative Review Panel Sponsor
Dan Breed Lightning Data Center, St. Anthony's Hospital, Denver Member
Barbara Brown Joint Working Group on Forecast Verification, WMO World Weather Research Program & WMO Working Group on Numerical Experimentation Chair
Janice Coen NCSA Alliance Allocations Board/PACI National Resource Allocations Committee Member
David Gochis North American Monsoon Experiment: Science Working Group Member, GIs Database Creator
Joshua Hacker Weather Research & Forecasting (WRF) working group for advanced data assimilation Member
Joshua Hacker United States Weather Research Program (USWRP) Mesoscale Analysis Committee Member

Andrea Hahmann

SCD Advisory Panel Member
Cathy Kessinger AMS Program Committee on Artificial Intelligence Applications in the Environmental Sciences Member
Jeff Lazo ResEcon - listserv network of environmental and natural resource economists List Administrator
Tenny Lindholm MCDRS Management Group Member
Tenny Lindholm Commercial Airline Safety Team Leader for team on turbulence issues
Tenny Lindholm Tri-agency working group Member
Tenny Lindholm RTCA Special Committee 195 Member
Tenny Lindholm FAA Flight Standards Working Group Member
Bill Mahoney AMS Economic Development Committee Member
Bill Mahoney Intelligent Transportation Society (ITS) Weather Information Applications Special Interest Group Leader for Developing Road Weather Research Program.
Marcia Politovich COMET Advisory Panel Member
Marcia Politovich AMS Fellows Committee Member
Marcia Politovich AIAA Atmospheric & Space Environment Committee

Chair, In-flight Icing Subcommittee; Member, Publications Committee

Marcia Politovich Society of Automotive Engineers In-Flight Icing Subcommittee Member
Marcia Politovich NSF RICO Review Committee Member
Rita Roberts National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council panel on Flash Flood Forecasting over Complex Terrain, With an Assessment of the Sulphur Mountain NEXRAD in Southern California Member
Rita Roberts AMS Committee on Radar Meteorology Chair
Jim Wilson WWRP Nowcasting Working Group Member
Jim Wilson NEXRAD Technical Advisory Committee Member
David Yates AMS Committee on Societal Impacts Member


Other Educational Activities

Staff Name Description Date
David Gochis Guest Lecturer: "Desert Meteorology", Univ. of Colorado 8-10 Oct 2003
Kent Goodrich Taught Introduction to Operations Research, Univ. of Colorado Spring 2004
Kent Goodrich Taught Introduction to Abstract Mathematics, Univ. of Colorado Spring 2004
Kent Goodrich Taught Real Analysis, Univ. of Colorado Fall 2004
Kent Goodrich Taught Honors Calculus Three, Univ. of Colorado Fall 2004
Kent Goodrich Co-director of the Actuarial Studies Certificate Program, Univ. of Colorado 2003 - 2004
Joshua Hacker Assisted in developing teacher-training modules for St. Vrain Valley School District middle schools. This is in cooperation with CIRES & the local AMS chapter. January 2004 - Ongoing
Tara Jensen Web master for IEEE-Geoscience & Remote Sensing Society Ongoing
Tenny Lindholm Revised aviation weather section for the 2nd edition of "Handbook on Aviation Human Factors" 2004
Tom Warner Taught Desert Meteorology, Univ. of Colorado Aug - Dec 2003
David Yates Taught Course: 'Hydrologic Modeling', Univ. of Colorado, Dept. of Civil Engineering Spring 2004



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