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RAP Achievements

RAP Achievements
Table of Contents

A. In-flight Icing

1. Background
2. Dual-frequency radar analyses
3.10-11 March radar & radiometer LWC and RES retrieval
4. WRF microphysics - results from IMPROVE
5. Giant nuclei and their influence on cloud microphysics
6. New microwave satellite-based technique for retrieving liquid water path over land
7. Satellite and aircraft comparison case study
8. SLD and non-SLD environments
9. Benchmarking in-flight icing detection products for future upgrades

B. Snowfall and Freezing Precipitation

1. Background
2. Freezing drizzle damage to 737 engines at DIA
3. WSDDM system at Denver International Airport
4. De-icing fluid testing with NCAR snow machine
5. Short-term forecasting of snow in the northeast corridor

C. Convective Weather Forecasting

1. Background
2. Forecast demonstrations
and technology transfers
3. Variational Doppler Radar Analysis System (VDRAS)
4. Convective Weather Research

D. Atmospheric Turbulence

1. Background
2. In-situ turbulence measurement algorithm
3. Remote sensing of turbulence
4. Turbulence forecasting
5. Turbulence characterization

E. Numerical Weather Prediction

1. Background
2. The Army Test and Evaluation Command project
3. Metropolitan-area forecasting with the 4DWX modeling system
4. Homeland-security applications
5. Model verification

F. Water Resources

1. Background
2. Surface hydrology for urban flash flood autonowcasting
3. Water resource evaluation of rainfall enhancement - Oman
4. Hydrologic aspects of land-atmosphere associated with CASES-97
5. NAME Water Resources Research Project
7. AWWA Research Foundation
8. UAE

G. Land-Surface/Atmospheric Interactions and Their Modeling

1. Background
IHOP surface, vegetation, and soil data processing and archive
3. Impact of land-atmospheric interactions on quantitative precipitation forecasts (QPF)
4. Noah land surface model development for the weather research and forecast models
5. Noah land surface-hydrology model development and testing
6. High resolution land data assimilation system development
7. Urban heat island modeling

H. Remote Sensing

1. Winter storm studies
2. Model
3. Comparison between measured and computed ZH and ZDR

I. Precipitation Enhancement

1. Background
2. Hygroscopic cloud seeding
3. Rainfall enhancement assessment program in UAE
4. Feasibility study for the augmentation of rain in Saudi Arabia
5. Other projects

J. Ceiling and Visibility

1. Background
2. National Ceiling and Visibility system
3. Forecasting radar visibility using radar data
4. NE winter ceiling and visibility project
5. San Francisco Airport ceiling and visibility

K. Oceanic Weather

1. Background
2. Progress toward a convective nowcast product
3. Continuing steps toward an integrated oceanic turbulence product
4. Initial steps toward volcanic ash products

L. Surface Transportation Weather

1. Background
2. Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS)

3. Missouri DOT - weather response system
4. Aurora Program - tactical snow fighting decision support
5. Road and bridge frost prediction
6. Rail car blow-over prediction and mitigation
7. Surface transportation weather outreach
and community building

M. Statistics applications and forecast verification

1. Background
2. R-verification package
3. Use of cross-validation in forecast verification
4. An object-oriented approach for verifying spatial precipitation and convective forecasts
5. Verification of CIP
6. Verification of oceanic weather cloud-top height predictions

N. Contributions to NCAR Initiatives

1. Water Cycle
2. Wildland fire
3. Climate and Weather Assessments
4. GIS



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