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MMM Staff, Visitors and Collaborators

MMM Staff (top)

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MMM Staff List (top)

Division Director's Office

  • Kristin Conrad
  • Mary Golden
  • Mary Hanson
  • Sudie Kelly
  • Kathleen Morgan (Division Administrator)
  • Richard Rotunno (Assistant Director and Acting MMM Director)

    Developmental Testbed Center

    • Robert Gall (Director)
    • Pam Johnson
    • Louisa Nance

    U.S. Weather Research Program (USWRP)

    • Richard Carbone (WWRP)
    • Sherrie Fredrick
    • Robert Gall (Lead Scientist)
    • Pam Johnson

    System Management Group (SMG)

    • Neil Boyes
    • William Boyd
    • Jose Castilleja
    • Patricia Waukau (Group Head)


Boundary Layer and Turbulence Group (BLTG)

  • Sean Burns
  • Jackson Hering (Senior Scientist Emeritus)
  • Margaret LeMone
  • Donald Lenschow (Group Head; join appt with ATD)
  • Chin-Hoh Moeng
  • Diane Strassberg
  • Peter Sullivan
  • Jielun Sun
  • Penny Warfel (also supports PMG)

Cloud Systems Group (CSG)

  • Roelof Bruintjes (joint appt. with RAP)
  • Janice Coen (joint appt. with RAP)
  • Wojciech Grabowski
  • Changhai Liu
  • Mitchell Moncrieff (Group Head)
  • Kay Sandoval (also supports PDG)
  • Piotr Smolarkeiwicz

Mesoscale Dynamics Group (MDG)

  • Jeffrey Anderson (joint appt. with CGD)
  • Liam Cavanaugh
  • Alain Caya
  • N. Andrew Crook (joint appt. with RAP)
  • Joseph Klemp (Group Head)
  • Katherine Lackey (also supports MPG)
  • Rebecca Morss
  • Richard Rotunno
  • William Skamarock
  • Chris Snyder
  • Juanzhen Sun (joint appt. with RAP)
  • Morris Weisman
  • Ying Zhang (joint appt with RAP)

Mesoscale Predictio Group (MPG)

  • Dale Barker
  • James Bresch
  • Cindy Bruyere
  • Michael Duda
  • Jimy Dudhia (Deputy Group Head)
  • David Gill
  • Yong-Run Guo
  • Wei Huang
  • Ying-Hwa Kuo (Group head; also with UOP/COSMIC)
  • Kevin Manning
  • John Michalakes
  • Jordan Powers
  • Syed Rizvi
  • Wei Wang
  • Qingnong Xiao

Physical Meteorology Group (PMG)

  • Aaron Bansemer
  • Mary Barth (joint appt. with ACD)
  • Daniel Breed (joint appt. with RAP)
  • William Cooper (joint appt. with ASP)
  • James Dye (Senior Scientist Emeritus)
  • Paul Field
  • William Hall
  • Andrew Heymsfield (Group Head)
  • Chalres Knight
  • Nancy Knight (Casual)
  • John Latham (Senior Research Associate)
  • Sharon Lewis
  • Larry Miloshevich
  • Roy Rasmussen (joint appt. with RAP)
  • Carl Schmitt

Prediction Diagnostics Group (PDG)

  • David Ahijevych
  • Christopher Davis (Group Head)
  • Sherrie Fredrick
  • David Parsons (joint appt. with RAP)
  • Stanley Trier
  • John Tuttle

Affiliate Scientists

  • Lance Bosart (state Univeristy of New York)
  • Doug Lilly (University of Oklahoma)
  • L. Ruby Leung (Pacific Northwest Laboratory, joint with CGD)
  • Larry Mahrt (Oregon State University)
  • Bjorn Stevens (University of California, Los Angeles)
  • Xiaolei Zou (Florida State University)


MMM Visitors and Collaborators (top)


In FY2004, MMM hosted 428 short-term visitors (1 day to 6 months) and 35 long-term visitors (more than 6 months). The visitors were affiliated with 333 domestic institutions, including 72 U.S. universities, and 130 foreign institutions. Click here to see the complete visitor list.












































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