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ESIG FY04 Community Service


Editorships of Peer-Reviewed Journals

Michael Glantz, Editorial Board, Advances in Atmospheric Sciences (2000-present).

Michael Glantz, Editorial Board, Sustainability: Science, Practice & Policy (2004-present).

Michael Glantz, Editorial Board, Global Environmental Change (1990-present).

Michael Glantz, Editorial Board, Problems of Desert Development, Journal of the Desert Institute, Turkmen Academy of Sciences (1994-present).

Robert Harriss, Associate Editor, Chemosphere-Global Change Science (1993-present).

Robert Harriss, Editorial Board, Journal of Earth System Science Education (2000-present).

Richard Katz, Editorial Board, Extremes: Statistical Theory and Applications in Science, Engineering and Economics (1997-present).

Richard Katz, Editorial Board, Climatic Change (1985-present).

Linda Mearns, Editorial Board, Climatic Change (1990-present).


Scientific, Policy, or Educational Committees, Advisory Panels, Boards

John Firor, Scientific Advisory Committee, Winslow Foundation (1991-present).

John Firor, Advisory Board, Natural Resources Law Center, University of Colorado (1998-present).

John Firor, Trustee, Environmental Defense (1974-present).

Michael Glantz, Advisory Board, Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law (1989-present).

Michael Glantz, Nominated Expert in support of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) (January 1997-present).

Michael Glantz, US Representative, Trade Convergence Climate Complex International Network (TC3Net). Also on Regional Coordinating Committee of TC3Net (January 1997-present).

Michael Glantz, Member of Environmental Literacy Council, a program focusing on environmental education K-12 (1998-present).

Michael Glantz, Member of the Scientific Advisory Panel, Southeast Asian Regional Committee for START (Global Change System for Analysis, Research and Training) (1996-present).

Michael Glantz, Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) for the World Climate Impact Assessment and Response Strategies Programme (WCIRP) of the UN Environment Programme (1980-present).

Michael Glantz, Steering Committee, Center for Environmental Journalism, University of Colorado (1992-present).

Robert Harriss, Member, Scientific Advisory Board, National Institute of Aerospace (2003-present).

Robert Harriss, Member, NSF Advisory Committee for Geosciences (2003-2005).

Robert Harriss, Member, Board of Trustees, New Earth Organization (2003-present).

Robert Harriss, Chair, USWRP Science Implementation Planning Committee on Societal Impacts (2000-present).

Robert Harriss, NASA Stennis Space Center, Commercial Remote Sensing Program, Academic Advisory Board (1999-present).

Robert Harriss, National Research Council, Committee on Global Change Research (1999-2003).

Robert Harriss, Earth Data Analysis Center Advisory Board, U New Mexico (1998-present).

Robert Harriss, Houston Advanced Research Center, Policy Advisory Committee (1998-present).

Robert Harriss, Rio Grande Institute, Senior Fellow (1999-present).

Robert Harriss, Chair, Project on Sustainable Management, Water Environment Research Foundation (1999-present).

Richard Katz, Secretary, International Environmetrics Society (2002-present).

Richard Katz, Program Co-Chair, American Meteorological Society 17th Conference on Probability and Statistics in the Atmospheric Sciences (2004).

Richard Katz, Member, Scientific Committee, 13th International Conference on Quantitative Methods for the Environmental Sciences (2002-2003).

Richard Katz, Member, American Meteorological Society Committee on Probability and Statistics (2001-present).

Joan Kleypas, Secretary, Colorado Fulbright Association Board (2000-present).

Joan Kleypas, Member, NCAR Realignment Committee (2003-2004).

Joan Kleypas, Co-Chair, ESIG-CGD Seminar Series (2003-2004).

Jerry Mahlman, juror to select the winner of the 2003 Heinz Environment Award (2003-2004).

Jerry Mahlman, Member, International Panel to Re-Evaluate the Science Program of the Meteorological Service of Canada (2003-2004.

Jerry Mahlman, Member, Committee to Review the Department of Energy Climate Program (2004).

Jerry Mahlman, Science Advisor, National Geographic Magazine special issue (September 2004) featuring global warming (2004).

Linda Mearns, Internal Oversight Committee of the Review of NCAR by the American Physics Society for Climate for Women Scientists at NCAR (2000-present).

Linda Mearns, Proposal Review Panel, Canadian Climate Change Action Fund, Sectoral Climate Change Scenarios for Canada (2000-present).

Linda Mearns, Member, NIGEC National Office Committee on Integrated Assessment (1999-present).

Linda Mearns, Member, AMS Committee on the Status of the Bulletin of the AMS (1999-present).

Linda Mearns, Member, National Agricultural Sector Team, US National Assessment (1998-present).

Linda Mearns, Member, Climate Change Scenarios Writing Team, US National Assessment (1998-present).

Linda Mearns, Member, Regional Assessment Teams for the Southwest, and Rocky Mountain Basin and Range Regions (1998-present).

Linda Mearns, Member, Land Surface Working Group, Climate System Modeling Project, NCAR (1996-present).

Linda Mearns, Member, IPCC Task Force on Climate Change Scenarios (1996-present).

Rebecca Morss, Co-chair, Societal and Economic Assessment sub-program, and Member, International Scientific Steering Committee, THORPEX: A Global Atmospheric Research Program (2002-present).

Rebecca Morss, Representative on Societal Impacts, US and North American THORPEX Science Planning Committees (2003-present).

Susanne Moser, Member, Union of Concerned Scientists and member of Union of Concerned Scientists Sound Science Initiative (1998-present) .

Susanne Moser, Member, Association of American Geographers (AAG) (1992-present) and Chair, AAG Human Dimensions of Global Change Specialty Group (2002-present).

Susanne Moser, Member, National Council for Geographic Education (1998-2003).

Susanne Moser, Co-Chair of the ESIG-CGD Seminar Series (2003-2004).

Susanne Moser, Member, Scientific Steering Committee, Rocky Mountain Climate Organization (2003-present).

Robert Serafin Member of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) Executive Committee and AMS Planning Commission (2002-present).

Robert Serafin, NRC Space Studies Board and its Executive Committee (1999-present).

Olga Wilhelmi, leading the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Initiative at NCAR (2000-present).


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